This year’s Close Up Salsa Fiesta is the fourth edition.

Dubbed the Freshness Dance Revolution, it has sparked a revolution in dance across the country, with many taking to the art.

This year, it has introduced the newest dance on the block, easy-to-learn salsa moves fused with local contemporary dances, and has taken this dance known as the Close-Up Salsa Fusion Dance on tour to Takoradi, Kumasi and now Accra.

Given its fusion with our popular Ghanaian dances like Azonto, Alkaida, highlife, etc, the dance has become easily accessible by many more people. The new addition of various local dances to salsa has added so much excitement to salsa dancing and for the first time, Ghanaians can feel a heavy local influence in a dance which has for long been referred to as foreign.

This is very innovative and certainly deserves an award if there was a dance awards scheme in the country.


The salsa fusion dance releases fresh breath of air into our social circles, adding up to the already existing formation dances that stir up excitement at social gatherings. It is made up of an easy-to-do salsa basic steps fused with our local dance types- Azonto, Alkaida, Highlife, etc.

The dance has five main moves: Salzonto (Salsa + Azonto), Salkaida (Salsa + Alkaida), Salhighlife or Sallife (Salsa + Highlife), Salchoman (Salsa + Chowman) and Salmezop or Salzop (Salsa + Mezop).

These have been recorded and placed on and with tutorials for easy learning.

Staying true to its tag-line, 3x fresher breath and the confidence to draw closer, the dance remains fundamentally a partner dance, for male and female which requires fresh breath and close up promises all day freshness.

Close up, has throughout the years stood for uniqueness and innovation, creating the salsa fusion dance steps is just one of its ways of expressing its brand values through dance.

This surely will be one of the best legacies of Close Up to the dance world. And for as long as people have the need to dance at social gatherings, this dance will remain the option for couples or people who just need to get closer.

Visit or for more.

Be at the Independence Square on the August 22, 8pm for the grand finale.

Admission is FREE!!!

Don’t forget to catch the TV series running on Viasat 1 on Fridays at 8pm and GH One Entertainment TV on Sundays at 5:30pm.


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