On Friday, the city’s brights lights will capture the mood and ambience of the Independence Square, as the finals of the 2014 Salsa Fiesta holds.

Dubbed the Close-Up Freshness Dance Revolution, it remains to be seen which city carries the day.

Last two years, was an exciting year for Kumasi. Last year Accra it stayed in the capital.

A GHC 30,000 prize is at stake?

The Oil City, precisely Takoradi in the Western Region, had their first share of the cake when the Close up Salsa Team landed with all readiness to teach fusion dances to interested groups and individuals.

The group selection in Kumasi was a night to remember, as Sarkodie rocked his way through the thousands who turned up.


Accra also took its turn of dance lessons, where many Salsa lovers joined to learn to sharpen their skills, and were selected to represent Accra at Friday’s grand finals.

So which city will carry the day on Friday? Will it be the oil city, the garden city or the capital city?

Sarkodie returns to the stage again. He is joined by Edem, who will also seek to cement his authority. For Sarkodie, who will be that lucky person who gets to dance with him? And for Edem, the question we’ve been asking is, can he dance?

It is the grand finale of the CLOSE UP FRESHNESS DANCE REVOLUTION.

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