It is the opening seconds of the song’s layout – which came in typical Hammer of the Last Two style – that gets you to stay on for some few more minutes.

And then when Tee Phlow, Hammer’s newest cool kid jumped on it, he gets it off to a start that is blissfully grand.

Boasting an incredible lyrical prowess that is comparable to any on the open market, he carefully chooses his words – composed in fine Fante diction, and takes it home.

Tee Phlow goes uptempo on this one, and is aided by an instrumentation that was adroitly arranged well.

Hammer is bent on securing a mainstream appreciation for him; and on this one, Tee Phlow more than anything indicates his preparedeness to play big.

As if he’s been told to go hard or go home, he shows signs of a cat hungry for some respect in urban music.

He’s got it – at least on his first outings – The Warning (LISTEN HERE), and on Kwaw Kese’s Swedru Agona. (LISTEN HERE), he proved that.

The release of Ash3daa precedes two others, one of which will feature Kwabena Kwabena.

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