The International Folk Music Festival 2014 (aka Ethno Germany 2014) is ongoing and one Ghanaian is making the country proud .

He is Akesse Sanza.

He is part of a group teaching the participants  on Ghanaian traditional folk songs and Ghanaian tunes. His effort has pitched him as one of the most popular persons in the camp.

He had his turn to show the world the beauty of Ghana’s rich culture on the 14th of August at the Castle Lichtenberg.

Ethno Germany 2014 is a folk music camp for young musicians from all over the world.

The event held between the 8thand 15th of August 2014, and had around 35 enthusiastic participants who gathered at the beautiful Castle Lichtenberg near the town of Kusel to play, teach and learn folk music.

At the week-long festival, the participants got to know each other, exchanged ideas and shared experiences. But most of all, they explored diverse cultural backgrounds and reinvented traditional music.

“I play Djembe drum and I have gotten the chance to learn Violin at the camp. It was exciting to hear people from other countries play and sing our songs,” he says.

“In addition to some of the tunes I heard them sang, they enjoyed and joined me to play our folk songs on the evening of 14th at the Concert at the Castle of Lichtenburg. That moment made me feel on top of the world. The experience will never be the same,” he added.

Ethno Germany 2014 was basically a festival which had different people come together and shared unity.

The countries that represented at the festival aside from Ghana are Cameroon, India, Germany, Chile, Cyprus, Croatia, Austria, Sweden, Scotland, England, Denmark and South Korea.


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