Hurting in secret stinks, depression is so real. It makes you feel stuck and isolated #talktosomeone #stayprayedup# SayNoToSuicide #RIPRobin – Joselyn Dumas

My role model, and actually the reason why I am doing what I do, is Ozwald Boateng. I applied for an internship 23 years ago, never received a response, so I said, OK, I will meet you on your level one day. I’m right behind him… – Joyce Darkoh

“5 months ago, He was murdered in cold blood. life has not been the same but I believe that you are with us in whatever we do…. RIP Fennec Okyere!!! You are my Manager for life.” – Kwaw Kese posted on Facebook

Kontihene was very influential in moving my singing as a backup to a hit making artist after 5 years of backing up other artists. Many people told me I could sing and it ended there but he went on as far as putting me on his “Esi”- a JQ produced song and then rapping on my song “Aso” which was produced by Appietus.

In the music world, you should be able to play your music on stage to your audience. If you can’t; you are not an artist. It’s as simple as that. In the west, no matter the genre Hip hop, Pop, Dancehall, Blues or any other genre is played live. You have no excuse. We are running from the truth, but if you really want to be a proper artist who entertains, then you have to think about live music. – Kwabena Kwabena

“My father’s policy was that wherever he went, his family went with him. And I am glad he took that stand because it helped us remain together. We went with him to Senegal, China, Algeria and London. It gave us a multi-cultural background and I would say it helped me in particular because I get to flow with different people without any prejudices against them because of where they came from.” – Kafui Dey

Be confident in the pursuit of your entrepreneurial aspirations. Never must you retreat or ‘give up’ at the first sign of difficulty. – Prez. John Mahama

I would say there’s always a bit of pressure as long as one remains in the lime light. Like I always say, I’ve a lot of destinies tied to mine, so I’ve got to do it right. – Sonnie Badu
When people want to recognize or praise your work only when they have their hands in your pocket. #somewaybi – M.anifest

“I’m very happy to be joining Everton because it’s a great club, which likes to play football, and it’s a great pleasure to be here. “Playing in the Premier League has always been a dream for me and I have achieved that dream. This is the biggest level for me to play at. I know that it’s a very competitive league and I believe with hard work we’re going to be successful this season.” – Christian Atsu

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