Football Legends airs on Africa Magic Showcase on Sunday August 11 at 21:00 CAT

Viewers who enjoy a blend of sport and wit will love Football Legends, a game show with a difference! Hosted by devoted sports presenter Jimmie Akinsola, Football Legends sees two football players face-off against two other professional football players, as they test their wits, memories and feet in a game that’s part mental and part physical. In each 48 minute episode of the show, the Legends will share their favourite football moments, challenge their knowledge of historical facts and finally see if they have the skills to score.

Oprah’s Next Chapter with Jane Fonda airs on TLC Entertainment on Thursday 14 August at 20:00 CAT

Oprah visits Oscar®-winning actress Jane Fonda and her adopted African-American daughter, Mary Williams, for their first-ever interview together. They discuss how they met, and Mary shares what it was like becoming a part of Jane’s larger-than-life world. Jane’s biological son, Troy, also joins the conversation, relating what it was like to have Mary come into their family. Later, Oprah and Jane speak one-on-one about love, motherhood and the importance of giving back to the world.

The Johnsons airs on Africa Magic Family on Mondays to Wednesdays at 21:00 CAT

The Jonhsons tells the story of Efetobore Johnson, a normal 15 year old boy with the same struggles as every teenager his age – raging hormones; parents who just don’t get it; boring classes; siblings who behave like they’re adopted and girls who like you one day, and not the next. On top of all that, however, Efe has one other challenge that is completely unique to him – He’s only two feet tall… Catch all the laughs, drama and fun of The Johnsons airs on Africa Magic Family.

Top 20: MVP Basketball Thursday 14 August 2014 21:00 | TRACE Sport Stars (188)

The NBA has produced a number of global superstars over the years, from Shaquille O’Neal to Michael Jordan, but the appeal of the sport has drawn the attention of big celebrity names outside the sport too.

Taking to the court, these singers, actors and more have shown off their talents by shooting hoops and winning the Celebrity MVP award too. Taking its cue from Magic Johnson’s birthday on 14 August, this show celebrates all the stars – basketball or otherwise – who’ve been given the Most Valuable Player award over the years, and counts down a list of the 20 very best.

Hang out with the megastars Thursday 14 August at 21:00 on TRACE Sport Stars. 

Freaky Friday airs on Disney channel on Friday 15 August at 17:00 CAT

When 15 year old Anna and her mother Tess wake up one Friday morning, they freak out when they find themselves in each other’s bodies. It has happened courtesy of a couple of magical fortune cookies, and couldn’t have come at a worse time. Strait-laced mum Tess is a psychiatrist who has found her techniques don’t work on her wayward daughter, while Anna is a rebellious teen who thinks her mum is boring. Now they are forced to see themselves through the other person’s eyes, and it’s a revelation! Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan and Mark Harmon star in this body swap comedy.

Botched airs on E!Entertainment from Sunday 17 August at 22:00 CAT

This month, E! goes under the knife as plastic surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif come to the rescue when extreme plastic surgery goes terribly wrong! From a nose that’s had six surgeries to a startling ‘uni-boob’, discover how these doctors can turn walking nightmares into success stories.


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