Kafui Dey, Ghana’s most celebrated TV game show host and corporate MC has expressed how eager he is to help give Ghanaians the radio brand and morning show they truly deserve through Starr 103.5 FM.

The ‘Who Wants To Be Rich’ host is one of the many celebrated media personalities who have joined the Ring Road-based star-studded team built by CEO Kwabena Anokye Adisi, well known in media and entertainment circles as Bola Ray.

A star in his own rights, Kafui joined the station as a ‘Starr’ presenter on the morning show and also doubles as a Programmes Director, but his stardom is not what makes him ‘the Kafui Dey’.

Behind the stellar poise of Dey, is an individual, whose quality of life inspires many people to greater heights.

Dey exudes a mighty lot of positive energy that gives him an immediate edge over others and is humble enough to share his moments of fame with people who care to associate with him. He believes being a celebrity is a blessing that gives an individual the responsibility and opportunity to live a life that enriches others.

“If you have been blessed with instant recognition, accept it as a blessing and not complain. Just use your position to impact positively on society and don’t complain,” he told StarrFMonline.com.

Born in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou in 1971, Kafui is the second of four brothers. His father, a diplomat, insisted his family went with him to every country he was posted. This, according to the ‘Starr morning voice’, gave them a good exposure, as they got the chance to experience and interact with people from different races and cultures across the world.

“My father’s policy was that wherever he went, his family went with him. And I am glad he took that stand because it helped us remain together. We went with him to Senegal, China, Algeria and London. It gave us a multi-cultural background and I would say it helped me in particular because I get to flow with different people without any prejudices against them because of where they came from.”

Apart from what he is typically known for, Kafui has done a lot of interesting things in his career and private life, and he hopes to bring all these experiences to bear in his delivery on air.

“All these experiences make me who I am. I have done plenty things in my working life: for instance, I worked with my father as a translator, sold Shito for my mum, sold airtime as a marketing executive for Choice FM, sold services with a shipping company, and I’m a corporate MC, who has hosted different kinds of events.”

Talking about his new show, Kafui said he believes he will be “spectacular”, as he recounted his earlier experience on radio. “My first radio gig was on Capital radio in Kumasi where I co-hosted the newspaper review segment. Then I did the morning show at choice FM for a while.”

Kafui is confident in his brand and said, “I believe I will be flexible enough on the morning show. I am that new voice, with new vibe and I know I will bring my personality on, to make it all great.”

Paying glowing tribute to late BBC Broadcaster Komla Dumor, Kafui said, “He left big shoes to fill”, as far as morning shows in Ghana go. “I loved Komla Dumor’s morning shows. Komla had a very unique blend of things he did to attract us all.”

“He liked asking questions; he was very original; he tried to make the show fresh; he was very confident and showed he wasn’t there to please anybody: he wasn’t afraid to take his stand. He was just spectacular.”

But Kafui told StarrFMonline.com he has learned enough from great shows and presenters to prove him worthy of listening to.

“One other morning show I love is on the BBC. I just like the way they communicate. In their delivery, you get the sense they are seated right across you. And the most fascinating bit is that in a 10-minute slot on the BBC, you would learn so much,” he noted.

According to him, he appreciates the fact that: “A presenter could give so much information on a topic in 30 seconds… and that’s the kind of standard I would like to set for myself.”

Kafui hopes to apply the same standards of CNN and the BBC to his show and programming.

“I have paid a lot of attention to shows on other platforms: CNN for instance, and I realise there is always interactivity in their content. The shows are always cheerful and the presenters are funny, sharp and very knowledgeable, and that’s the kind of feel I’d like to say I have absorbed that I can bring to Starr103.5.” 
“I would want people to learn something new every quarter of an hour on my show.”

Kafui Dey commands a lot of respect, and is well loved by his fans, as well as people who make first contact with him. He said he owes his love of life and deep appreciation for those who live life well, to his upbringing and his wife, who he said keeps him in check always.

“My wife is a Rheumatologist  at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital. She’s a very, very smart woman and marrying her has been one of my greatest achievements. She has my very first tapes from the ‘Who Wants to Be Rich’ show, and anytime I was growing wings or getting too big for my shoes, she would say ‘young man, do you want me to remind you of your humble beginnings?’”

“…I would laugh and get calm. She is a strong and wonderful woman and I love her to bits,” he told StarrFMonline.com

Kafui has been married for 11 years and has three children.

Credit: StarrFMonline.com

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