Global, Ghanaian Gospel brand, Sonnie Badu, in an exclusive interview with talks about his ministry, dedicating his life to God after a serious illness, and having a business mindset as an artiste.

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I understand you dedicated your life to worshipping God at age 18 after a serious illness, what was life like for you before that life changing experience, and what adjustment did you make to avoid backsliding?

I was a Secondary School child just like any other as at the time. Though raised in a Christian home, I wasn’t particularly thinking “Ministry” even though I was a preacher’s kid (PK).

I loved football & I personally had dreams of becoming a professional footballer. But when I took ill and saw myself lying hopelessly on the sick bed I had no doubt that God was my only hope and last resort. So I asked for his healing mercies on condition that I will serve him for the rest on my life.

As usual, God answered my prayer and the change process began. I knew I had a covenant with Him and must honor my part regardless. Even though God shows us the “Glory”, He never shows us the story. (The change process). So I went through the wilderness experience and came out refined for the Master’s use. But I also tasted and saw that He is God and realized this world has nothing for me that He can’t provide. So there was no turning back!

Tell us about the decision to leave Ghana for the United Kingdom?

I left Ghana in the late ninety’s (90’s) and have been away for about fifteen years (15) years though I’ve been back in Ghana and been to many countries around the globe on countless occasions within these period. I would say, though it began in Ghana, It officially took off in London.


How was the preparation towards your first album?

Hmmm… It was very tough for me as at the time considering the hardships I went through in getting a producer. It was the time when I had lost everything and had nothing to my name. I faced a lot of rejection and dejection from people whom I thought were my only hope, because they didn’t see what I was made off. But when God calls you, He always provides. So He sent divine helpers my way and I eventually pulled through.

How easy was it exporting your worship across the globe?

It’s not an easy thing being in the lime light, because a lot is expected of you. The challenge can sometimes seem so formidable. A lot of hard work is required to reach the other parts of the world because you are not limited to singing in just your mother tongue but you are also compelled to learn that of other countries too and that can be challenging.

But God is faithful because, I’ve been gifted in that area.

What goes into preparing for a show?

The source of who I am today is God. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Him. So I always seek his face before I take the microphone. He always gives me the songs to sing and sometimes shows me what might happen after every ministration. I do this all the time irrespective of where I may be on the globe.

Gospel singer, songwriter, philanthropist, producer, TV presenter and author; how do balance all that?

My first call of duty is the ministration gift to worship. You can be gifted and not have a business mindset. But a gift without a business mindset is useless. God gave us the power and ability to become wealthy.

So why waste the other talents when you know you’ve got more to offer than just the one gift. A typical example is the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25v14-30. I plan ahead of time and make sure I prioritize my work load to prevent me from neglecting what is of utmost importance.

It will surprise to know that I have about nine businesses I manage apart from my music ministry. I have the Real Estate, Clothing Line, and Pro-audio Rentals among others. So ideally there isn’t much of a leisure time for me. I’m a sports person, so I do take some time out to watch football & play table tennis whenever possible.

You are now a global worship icon… do you feel pressured to outdo yourself?

I would say there’s always a bit of pressure as long as one remains in the lime light. Like I always say, I’ve a lot of destinies tied to mine, so I’ve got to do it right.

I follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit who has always been my source of inspiration. So I make sure I don’t go ahead of Him. He tells me when to move and when not to move. A great teacher He is.


You are launching a clothing line soon, what prompted this decision?

Well like I mentioned earlier, you might have a unique gift which distinguishes you out of the many. But there lies within you more gifts when challenged. So you birth them out when there’s a yearning within. If you ask me who the first designer on earth is, I would say God, because He clothed Adam and Eve. And since he made me in His image that means that once I have that desire and with the power of my imagination I can become who I want to be.

At the moment, your main task is to help improve the lives of those less privileged in Africa, how do you plan to do this?

We’re totally depending on the leadership of the Holy Spirit to see us through. It will surprise you to also know that proceeds from my worship concerts and conferences go into charity.

In your opinion, does one need to be called by the Holy Spirit or have a good singing and performing skill to be able to survive the dynamics of the industry?

One has to be called by God, because it’s a whole ministry on its own. You minister to God and to people through your songs and it takes more than an acquired skill to sing. You’ve got to hear from God on a daily basis.

Do you intend on saying goodbye to gospel music professionally? And should you intend to do that, what you would you want to be remembered for?

I don’t think I can say bye to music. It’s my life. I eat and live music. Saying bye to music would mean the end of my life in the land of the living.

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