2131 is celebrating a very special month.

August happens to be the birth month of the brand, which is lead-headed by media personalities Jay Foley, and Geremie Van-Garshong..

A release sent to us reads:

“This month is celebrated as BLACK AUGUST on the 2131 calendar.

2131 was established by the group head Jay Foley and partner Jeremie Van-Garshong. This concept was very simple; to reach out to millions of people worldwide within the age bracket 21 to 31years. They believed that, in shaping young people within this age group, in the areas of career decision making and social lifestyles, the world could be a better place years after as each individuals positive change could affect a lot more.

“The brand has grown steadily over the years and as a result has opened doors to a lot more significant opportunities. Job opportunities are evident, support systems for start-up businesses plus countless corporate social responsibilities with other partners have all happened within a 7 year period.

“We remind ourselves every august of what the brand speaks and preaches and have themed this as 2131 BLACK AUGUST.

“Join us celebrate this month we have set aside to keep motivating and inspiring young achievers and create a positive direction for tomorrow’s leaders.”

2131 Lead Challenge or Forget it…

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