Kafui Dey, the host of ‘Who Wants To Be Rich’ has disclosed to enewsgh.com that the offer that got him to join Starr FM, was made at the right time.

Dey, who will be hosting the station’s morning show when they fully go live on September 1, says:

”I believe the offer came at the right time. I’ve had a history with radio back in the days when I was in the university, campus radio and then I did private radio in Kumasi, Kapital FM.

“I did private radio in Accra when I was with Choice Fm. And then I went off for a while and did TV but I’ve always had a love for radio. I guess good timing and then the offer came at the right time.”

Kafui (Blue Shirt) at the station's party for 'neighbours and friends' last Friday
Kafui (Blue Shirt) at the station’s party for ‘neighbours and friends’ last Friday

With an added responsibility of a Programmes Director, he will be looking to help build a brand that holds so much promise.

He is excited about the chance they have to present an alternative on urban radio.

“Two words: exciting radio. We want to bring the excitement level up and come with something fresh, something that will thrill the listeners.

“I will like to say that the star on Starr radio will be the people who are listening so our job is to satisfy the stars who are those listening. And we going to give it our very best shot and we are confident that we will do a good job.”

On the station’s resolve to put up a strong, convincing competition, he adds:

“We want to do programming that is fresh. If the programming is not fresh, there is no reason to tune into 103.5 and listen to Starr FM so the programming will be fresh, it will be relevant, it will be exciting and we have surprising stuff up our sleeve, which I cannot talk about now.

“We want to brighten the media landscape in Accra.”

By: Gameli Hamelo/enewsgh.com

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