There is a general consensus amongst most music lovers in the Upper East region that most mainstream acts down south, especially in the capital, have shunned them.

The neglect in more specific terms has to do with their not wanting to stage shows either on small or bigger platforms, for their loyal fan base.

This came to light when producer, Edward Osei, of the Last Two Music Group, who also happens to be the Director of Hiplife at the Musicians Union of Ghanarecently went up north, specifically Bolgatanga, with his artiste, Tee Phlow.

Hammer (immediate left) and Tee Phlow (far right)
Hammer (immediate left) and Tee Phlow (far right)

In a radio interview, the host accused him and some of his colleagues of deserting them.

“Fellow creative artistes, the upper east region are accusing us the southerners of deserting them like they didn’t belong to this country,” Hammer posted on his Facebook page.

Hammer has thus called on his colleagues to at least try and hold one performance a year.

He adds: “Truth is they may be right… I however implore u to make it a point to grant them a performance at least once a year. They’ll really appreciate it.”

The plea may be in order, after all.

By: Abdul Ganiyu Muftau/

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