Henry Ashengbor Abossey may not come across as a musician upon your first meeting with him.

He has been doing music since his childhood when he first experimented with his father’s bass guitar. His interest in music later got him to learn how to play other musical instruments on his own.

His latest project, which is an album with 12 mainly danceable tunes were all recorded by him at his own studio in his home. Some of the songs are his old compositions, which have been remixed to give them some new vibe. Some are quite new while some are recordings of some old traditional Ga tunes.

Three of the tracks have been released on promotional CDs, and are currently receiving growing airplay on some media platforms.

The one time dancer who could move to all the current dance trends such as chachacha, highlife, rock and roll and salsa grew up in Accra. He hails from Akpagadzen in the fishing community of Jamestown. As part of his experiences, music wise, Henry has played with numerous bands in some African countries.

He played with Starlite Band in Kumasi, Africasa band, Watuwazuri band and Sambros Band at the once vibrant Lido Nite Club in Accra. He once played with the Kababamboo Band in Nigeria and has played with such musicians as Tommy Darling. He has also performed with various bands in Togo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Upper Volta, now known as Burkina Faso.

Henry is the lead of the Ambience band which is resident at Palledium in Accra.


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