They hit the limelight when they released One Gallon in 2005. The two brothers, Bradez then inched their way further into the hearts of music lovers when they followed it with Simple in 2009.

However, before Simple could hit the market, one half of the Bradez duo, Kunta Kinte, suffered a stroke at the age of 21 years and found himself bedridden.

Telling his story, Kunta told Showbiz in a telephone interview from his base in Kumasi: “it was a Monday and I was in school”.

Kunta was then a Level 200 student at the School of Performing Arts, Legon. “I remember I had recorded my verse in Simple and five days after that I began feeling very feverish.

“ I thought it was malaria so I went to the Legon Hospital. However, after leaving the hospital, I felt like I was sinking. I was sort of falling. It is difficult to explain but I realised something was happening to me.

Bradez and Mom


“ I woke up later to find myself in one of the beds at the Legon Hospital. I was told I lost consciousness and I was in a coma for a day or so. I was later refered to Korle-Bu after spending five days at the Legon Hospital”, he said.

According to Kunta, 26, when he came from his unconsciousness, he realised something was not right with him. “I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move my right hand and right leg. Infact, the right side of my body was paralysed. There was no strength whatsoever in that part of my body. I later found out that I had suffered a stroke” he said.

Touching on how he felt when he discovered he was ‘bedridden’, Kunta said “I was devastated at first but I knew I had to fight to overcome it. I am a very energetic person who loves to sing, dance and there is no way I wanted to be confined to a bed for the rest of my life.

“ When it happened, I virtually had to be helped in everything I did. My mother and brothers had to support me because I could not do anything on my own and I am grateful to them and God for how far he has brought me.

“Initially, I thought it wouldn’t take long to get well but I have realised it is not so. I admit it bothers me that it has taken this long. It’s been five years now but I am very grateful to God.

“ To think that before I couldn’t do anything on my own and now I have regained 80 percent of my strength is very good. I can talk, sing, and since last year, even drive myself to do my physiotherapy. The feeling is just great.

“There are people who have suffered stroke and couldn’t regain their strength. Some have even lost their lives so I am very happy to be alive and getting stronger each day. I can even cook for you” he added with glee.

Asked what he could cook, Kunta amidst laughter said “ I can cook Indomie and rice. It has not been easy but I am about 80 percent well now. I am working hard to add the other 20 percent to be fully recovered and that I know will be soon. I am very grateful to be alive” he added.


Touching on his music career, Kunta said “ I don’t want to come back on the music scene half-baked. I want to come back with a bang. So I am taking my physio very seriously so I can join my brother and together with him, Bradez will be bigger and better than before.

Kunta is very grateful to God, his mother, brothers, family, Samini and a host of others who have been very supportive of him.
“I am thankful to everyone who has been there for me. I will plead with my fans to be patient with me and wait for Kunta because I will be back” he added.

Credit: GraphicOnline

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