Former co-host of The One Show, PY Addo Boateng’s contract expired and shall not be renewed for the next season as the show takes a new format.

PY has expressed his appreciation to the producers of the One Show and the entire team of Viasat1 for his time spent with them, he is set to work with Viasat1 on future projects.

PY, co-founder of Bless the Mic, Miss Universe Ghana, and the presenter of PY Say’s podcast show is currently working on other projects which shall be launched before the end of 2014.

PY is keen to advocate change and truly inspire his audience with his works, which his fans will see and be part of in the coming months.

“I am hungry to do more, there is more to be done and for me; this is just the beginning. I have found myself being a role model for many young – middle aged men and aspiring artists in the music industry, which I shall use to my strength for my next phase.”

Fans, brands, press and advocate, a new PY shall be coming soon watch this space!

Submitted by: Sixth Sense Manifesto


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