Liberian-born Ghanaian actor, Eddie Watson Junior, is set to release his first self-produced movie, titled JACK AND JILL.

Jack and Jill, talks about “how hard is it to imagine love between two people entangled in a web of lies, deceit and pretence but when Jack runs into a beautiful young girl on the streets of Accra, he begins a slippery journey into a world of uncertainty that ends in nothing else but laughter.”

Talking about the need to produce the movie, the Single and Married actor said “producing your own is a great way of bringing to life stories you believe and find interesting. It’s a way of expressing yourself as well.”

The actor, who gave up his job at Rising Data Solutions Ghana Limited to join Ghana’s movie industry, continued “through your own production, you can easily express your religious, social or political views. You can also bring to the surface something you think is dark or just comical.

But most importantly, it gives you the opportunity as an actor to not just decide what type of characters you want to play in your piece, but you get to decide what kind of material you want the public to see.”

Jack and Jill is a movie directed by Pascal Amanfo and features Ruth Kadiri, Roselyn Ngissah, Livinus Nnochiri, Biola Ige, Toosweet Annan, Naomi Watson and others.

The movie produced by Emirror Films in partnership with Pascal Amanfo’s M31 Films, will be premiered in September this year.


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