Not many celebrities openly admit the challenges that life throws at them but for rapper and Afrobeat singer, Eazzy, it has not been difficult for her to come out boldly to say so as she releases her first gospel song, Unknown.

The Wengeze singer narrates in her song how she had to silently go through the most difficult time in her life last year when all  odds seemed to be against her in her career and also in her relationship.

She told Showbiz on Tuesday that as a young lady working hard to make life meaningful for herself, she has learnt a great lesson that God is the solution to everyone’s problem.

“Yes, last year, many people saw me performing at shows and probably for some, those were the best moments in my life but in reality, things were not going well for me at all.

I had to brace myself for the public anytime I stepped out because as a celebrity, one is expected to be happy all the time  and that is what I did.

“But at a point in time, I realised that if I didn’t turn to God, things would get worse. I wasn’t happy within and what was happening to me was beyond my understanding.

It is not as if I was disappointed in life. But it is just that I got to a point that I needed God to intervene. I needed Him to strengthen me to fight ahead”, she said.

Eazzy who wasn’t interested in giving details of the “trials” she went through said that she is happy things are gradually turning out well for her.

Like the story of the Prodigal Son, Eazzy, who sang about how she wants God to help her know what it takes to be strong and hold on to life on Unknown refuted claims that she has turned to gospel music because things were not really going on well for her in her music career.

“It’s interesting how people have read meanings into the song since it was released. Some have even attributed the lyrics to my break-up with Keitta.  It is not easy at all in this journey sometimes, things really get tough and you want to give up.

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“A lot falls on my shoulders as one popular person in my family and sometimes, it is really challenging combining personal stuff with career ambitions,” a sober Eazzy said.

But Eazzy said despite the new path she has taken to draw closer to God, she has no intentions to be a gospel artiste as some people are speculating.

For her, as one who was brought up in a God fearing way, turning to God in the most difficult moment in her life is what is important.

“I believe the calling of God is real and I need not pretend that I’m ready to work for God. That is far from it. When I have the calling, I will do it.

I don’t think that I have erred at all; the late Whitney Houston released some gospel songs too. Sometimes, we need to let the world know what we also go through as celebrities”, she stated.

Eazzy who is currently working on her second album told Showbiz that she has resolved to compose more inspirational songs henceforth and called on her fans not to cease praying for her.

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