One of the fastest growing names gradually becoming very credible on Television with the professional display of visual effects in Ghana is 4Syte TV.

A brand, which started as a 30 minutes entertainment program on TV 3 has become a notable name in Television and audio visual production in the country.

In less than a decade, 4Syte TV has now metamorphosed into a complete 24 hours Digital Television station in Ghana.
The CEO of 4Syte, Mr. Ignace Hego Kwame disclosed in an interview that 4Syte TV Live is now a free to air digital TV channel which can be watch freely all over the country and beyond as far as you within their signal reach. He disclosed that 4Syte TV Live is the only TV channel in Ghana now transmitting in 100% High Definition (HD) pictures.

The 4Syte TV Live channel initially started on in 2012 and aired for about a year on Multi TV after which they went on a break for restructuring and to upgrade their system. The channel is back on your screens and now and this time it is gone fully digital. Aside being a free to air 24hour digital channel, 4Syte TV is also on GoTV.

The new 4Syte Live has been running for the past four months and according the CEO, the feedback and support they are getting is overwhelming. He revealed that the channel is already attracting big brands like MTN, ABL, Hennesey, Vodafone, Nokia, Fiesta condoms, Mighty Malt and others to advertise on the platform.

Ignace intimated that they making waves in public places such as Shopping Malls, Barbering Shops, Night Clubs, Samsung shops among others.

Asked what the focus of the new channel is, Mr. Hego said 4Syte TV Live is an entertainment music channel which would broadcast well produced surely African entertainment content for the youth and young at heart.

“We want to entertain, educate, inform and attract more tourists. We want to empower the youth about self-empowerment and self-employment. We want teach the youth about the benefits of technology and how to control or use it”.
Talking about the kind of programs going to be shown on 4Syte TV Live Ignace said there will be a program for kids, news, discussion programs, a program that will show solely exclusive music videos, chart shows among others, but all will be on Entertainment. 4Syte TV Live will also bring back old program like “Paradise” which is produced by 4Syte and hosted by Bolaray, the various pool parties, the past celebrity birthday bashes, past editions of 4syte Music Video Awards among others.

According to him, all 4Syte TV programs on TV, like the 4SyteTV entertainment program shown on TV 3 and e-TV Ghana, and the Top 10 Music Video show on e-TV Ghana, will now be shown exclusively on the 4Syte TV Live channel is already getting great feedback on twitter, facebook and other social networks. Ignace added that 4Syte TV Live can now be viewed all across West Africa, East Africa and viewers from Liberia, Nigeria and other countries have already confirmed they are watching 4Syte TV Live in their respective countries.

Some of the new programmes to be introduced on 4Syte TV Live includes: Reality show ‘Fame Game’, ‘Music Box’ which will be telecasted live, ‘Star Playlist’, an entertainment discussion program ‘Punchline’, ‘Stage’ a live neighborhood activation concerts among others.

He said the station will only show classic and world standard music videos from Hi-Life, Hiplife, Hip hop, R&B, gospel, Reggae and every music video, as long as it meets their standard to raise the quality standard of music videos in Africa. He adding that 4Syte TV Live will broadcast about 70% content and 30% from the rest of the world. The channel just had a worldwide premiere few days ago for new music videos for Guru’s ‘Pooley’, ‘Baby Dance by 4X4 and ‘Dangerous Love’ by Fuse ODG.

On how one can get the channel, Ignace said all you need is a digital TV or get a GoTV box and 4Syte TV Live will be on.

The brand began as a TV show, went into poolside parties, celebrity birthday bashes, and Music Video Awards among other things.

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