You know the show has always had the underlying theme of entertainment and education, so we mix a lot of seriousness and fun at the same time. It’s pretty much going to be the same. I mean we always try and add a little something that is different; like we might add an extra segment or two which we have shot and think that people will enjoy.

The idea has always been to deal with really serious issues in a humorous way and we achieve what we want to achieve in the sense that the serious bit comes along with the humor and the audience get it.” – Ama Misa Amoah talking about the return of the KSM

The last two weeks have been the most stressful period of my entire life and I have survived only by the grace of my creator and the encouragement I continue to receive from Ghanaians and the persons around me.

Although the anxiety within my spirit is eating me up, we have remained united in hope and continue to remain optimistic as we endure these nightmarish periods of painful wait and watch hours turn into days and days turn into weeks.” – Asamoah Gyan told his own website

The fact that we don’t work together anymore does not make us enemies. I don’t have a problem with Praye Tietia, I even spoke with him two months ago but as for speaking with Tintin, to tell you the truth I don’t really remember the last time we really spoke, but come to think of it, I don’t even talk to my dad every day, I call him when the need arises; so this is nothing to worry about, it doesn’t mean we are fighting or we hate each other. – Choirmaster talking about life after Praye split

Society always needs people who will overcome their inklings and inclinations to become what the rest of us wish we could be but are not.

The societies that are blessed are the societies in which those called to become ‘vicarious sacrifices’ understand that calling and continually work at sacrificing their natural instincts and inclinations to inspire and give hope to the rest of the people. Unfortunately many of us who are called to be different fail to understand that calling, and fail to make the necessary sacrifice for the sake of society.

Some of us cannot live normal lives, it is our calling and our lot and also our privilege. Some people in that position find the position too heavy and they rebel and let society down. The desire to be normal and ordinary robs many of us the honor of serving society.

But we should understand that difficult though it may be, the call to be different is a privilege and we should be more than glad to be picked to be one and pay the price willingly and happily.” #FoodForThought – Uncle Ebo Whyte posted on social media

Are you doing something great that excites you at this very moment? If no… why not? Get what is stopping you out…” – Wanlov posted on social media

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