Comedian David Oscar agrees it’s fair to say Ghanaian comedians are not funny.

In an interview on Pluzz FM’s AM PLUZZ hosted by Sammy Flex; the comedian revealed some challenges him and his friends comedians face.

“The journey has been good so far but I think comedy in Ghana is still in its infant stage. He said, “It’s been challenging and I think it’s fair if you say Ghanaian comedians are not funny especially when you do not have any information.”

“My colleagues and I are improving so well. If you do not understand what we do, you will definitely say we are not funny. But Ghanaians cannot say there are no comedians in Ghana.”

“Our biggest challenge is that, the majority who keep saying we are not funny have not gotten the opportunity to watch us perform”.

Foster Romanus, Id James Brown, David Oscar and other comedians
Foster Romanus, Id James Brown, David Oscar and other comedians

David Oscar who once hosted Laugh a Minute on Viasat One added; “People are saying trashy things about Ghanaian comedy without giving them the chance to show the people what they have got as comedians.”

“It is so sad to hear people say we always talk about stories our grandparents told us. It is so sad. People are there saying whatever they like.”

“Some people have to educate themselves on what they say about Ghanaian comedians. We are creating our own standard and will definitely get there someday soon. I just do not know why people will call us wack.”

“This is the time Ghanaian’s should encourage us and support what we are doing.”

Asked if there is a comedy industry in Ghana and platforms for comedy performers, the co-Founder of The Comedy Series that travelled around Ghana last year answered; “there is no industry but rather a comedy market.”

“We are not looking for platforms because, we have our own. “ If people think we are not that funny, they shouldn’t even give us any platform but years down the line we will see if we are funny or not.”

By: Maame Yaa Tutu/

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