Chale! Just saw Stevie Wonder in concert at Montreux Jazz festival. Nuttin you fit to tell me. – M.anfest tweeted after seeing MoTown legend Stevie Wonder display at the just recent Montreux Jazz Festival

“There have been a lot of negative stories about me since I started my career. For example, there have been reports that I am a prostitute and that I killed my late husband to be successful. I hear and read all those stuff but I am not bothered because my family and my children know the real me. “Politicians have tried bribing me from speaking the truth about them because they know their jobs are on the line. Sometimes, I take their money alright but still go ahead to say whatever I have to”. – 33 year old actress and TV Presenter Afia Shwarzenegger told Showbiz

“There was no such hospital in Togo,” – Police told Joy News after a confidential Police Wireless Message, directed the Aflao Police Commander to the said location.

“It is very important to take social responsibility to the next level where it becomes social investment because as a kid, I had this fancy of using the sunlight to generate light someday and today we are here to launch an outreach that will fulfil this childhood dream after so many years”. Samini revealed at the launch of his new social outreach “Samini Light A Million Lives”.

To those who are photoshoping him wiv mermaid photos and making a joke out of this phenomenal and sad incident: consider your family in this situation, will u sit behind ur computer and do this?
Do you consider the pain and state of confusion his family is in now? Judge not so you’ll not be judged. – Selly Garley of Big Brother Africa fame after visiting Ada after news broke that Castro was missing.

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