What is sweat?

• Sweat, also known as perspiration, is a healthy, biological body function.

• By definition, it is a fluid secreted from our sudoriferous glands, or more simply, our sweat glands.

• Every human sweats, and it’s a process that can begin as early as a few months after birth. • Body odour as a result of sweating, on the other hand, does not usually occur until after puberty.

• Antiperspirant and deodorants have been around for years to help us manage our sweating and control any resulting body odour.

• Extensive innovations continue to make them more effective.

Why do we sweat?

• The most common reason is a rise in temperature, due to either exercise or a warm external environment.

A rise in body temperature due to changes in our emotional state, sometimes caused by hormonal changes or stress, can make us perspire (the production of adrenalin can make us sweat irrespective of a rise in body temperature).

And when our bodies produce antibodies to fight infections, we warm up and the effect is sweat.

• When we get hot, our bodies use sweating as a way to cool down.

This is known as thermoregulation. When our body temperature rises, we produce sweat.

As this sweat evaporates from our skin, it lowers our body temperature.

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