Airtel Ghana’s award-winning corporate social responsibility programme Airtel Touching Lives will be returning to TV screens across the country soon.

Airtel Touching Lives, season three (3), will share the stories of individuals and groups whose outstanding humanitarian acts make lives a lot easier for the underprivileged.

The 13 week-long series aims to change the lives of people living in trying circumstances by giving them an opportunity to get their lifelong dreams fulfilled – inspiring hope and enhancing people’s quality of life.

Airtel Ghana, the reigning CSR Company of the year – Ghana Telecom Awards, has revealed that unlike the previous seasons, #TouchingLives3 will see 24 outstanding personalities and groups being rewarded. By rewarding and supporting them in their philanthropic ventures, Airtel hopes to touch the thousands of lives the recipients touch.

Airtel Ghana believes in empowering people and creating positive impact in communities. By recognizing and rewarding people who have worked selflessly to make an impact in their communities, the company hopes to fulfill its mandate by helping them continue with their efforts to create a better world for themselves and others.

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