UK-born Ghanaian, Mika Abraham, has gone on to become the radio presenter/DJ/Voice Over artist she’d always wanted to.

Growing up, she showed early signs of wanting to chart a path in broadcasting.

Her fascination with how presenters/DJs interacted with their listeners also influenced the decision to choose a career in broadcasting.

Growing up, Mika wanted to be a historian, she wanted to study African/Black history but her love for radio took center stage leading to the broadcasting field, which she currently find herself in.

The 22 year old has been doing radio for six years and counting working with Choice FM, Rinze FM and Reprezent FM.

In the coming months, she will be operating her own radio show, which will be made available on her website.

She has DJ’ed at arts festivals including Wireless, Love Box, and at Fashion PR parties.

Her voice over clients includes BBC Three, Channel 4, BBC Blast, E4 and Urban Development.

DJ Mika
Mika Abraham

Like every career person, Mika has some very memorable moments.

“Hosting a stage at one of the biggest festivals in the UK (Glastonbury), just the fact that I was chosen to represent London was amazing, which helped elevate me into the mainstream side of the industry.”

“Also being acknowledged by the Ghanaian High Commissioner His Excellency Kwaku Danso Boafo for my work in the creative industry,” she recounts.

“Everybody around me knows that I’m always waving the flag for Ghana whenever I do anything, so for him to notice my work within the community made me feel like everything I’m doing is not in vain.”

DJ Black, Tim Westwood, Angie Martinez and Delay (Deloris Frimpong Manso) are media personalities who inspire her to aim for the very best in her career.

She talks about the inroads Afrobeats, and Black community-friendly songs are doing on UK Charts.

“You have the likes of Sarkodie, Atumpan, Fuse, Mista Silva and more been played on mainstream radio in the UK. People who are not Africans are listening and reciting their lyrics. This is amazing. You also have Ghanaian artistes being flown to perform at sold out shows and festivals. GH music is on the rise in the UK.”

Favorite Ghanaian musicians?

“My favorite definitely has to be Joey B; his approach to music is fresh and new. His verses are host. He also knows how to work the stage which I love. Big things are definitely are coming his way. I love FOKN BOIS as well: their artistry is captivating and unique.”

Mika has a diploma in Media and Broadcast Journalism, and currently pursuing a degree in Events Management at Greenwich University.

“My future plans include crossing over into the Ghanaian/African industry, definitely go to Ghana and do radio. I will be launching some new projects that will be coming out soon on Youtube and hopefully African TV networks this year. Launch my official website and release an official mix as well. I’m really excited about that, just working towards creating a strong brand and being the young voice of Ghana.”

By: Gameli Hamelo/

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