Selly, and musician boyfriend BIG J, formerly of the trio, Praye, have visited the Ada site, where a search has been mounted for fellow industry mate, Castro, and one other.

In the note below, she gives her own account of the situation.


“Am still overwhelmed by the speculations and unnecessary tantrums about Castro and Miss Jane tragically getting lost on the sea. Ada is very calm compared to the hullabaloo in town.

Meeting castro’s family and eye witnesses has proven that all we heard in Accra was mere speculations some even fabricated, but the truth is simple! No one saw what happened! The jet ski they rode on was found without¬†a key yes but No one saw if they flew, drowned or walked on the sea.

Selly (left) with musician boyfriend Big J, formerly of the trio Praye
Selly (left) with musician boyfriend Big J, formerly of the trio Praye

For these facts lets hold on to the fact that our dear friend and brother with Miss Jane will be found alive wherever they are and brought back safe.

To those who are photoshoping him wiv mermaid photos and making a joke out of this phenomenal and sad incident: consider your family in this situation, will u sit behind ur computer and do this?

Do you consider the pain and state of confusion his family is in now? Judge not so you’ll not be judged.¬†

We miss you dearly @castrounderfire and we are keeping hope very much alive. @mcmartin_kwamz @prayebigj @nhyirabakojo @GREGANKRAH family#highspiritneversaynever¬†. See you soon Under.”

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