“I am aware that lots of people are worried and some have been complaining on social media about the kind of roles I play. They feel my marriage will not last due to the bad girl role I play but I say that, they should not worry at all; my marriage is intact and will continue to be till thy kingdom come. “I know the man I am married to and he also knows the woman he’s married to. My marriage is safe with or without bad girl roles. “My hubby is very understanding and we communicate a lot. I have been married for two years and so far, everything is OK and I do not think what people think would affect my marriage. Moreover, he knows how and when to draw the line between what I portray in movies and the real me so he is not perturbed at all,” – Kafui Danku told Showbiz.

I would like to clarify my stance on religion. Anybody reading this means more to me than Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha because God put you in my Lifetime. If God wanted me to have a personal relationship with Jesus, or anyone else, God would put them where we would meet or chat. So I have no shame saying i love YOU more than Jesus. You are also Gods child. We ARE ALL GOD’S CHILDREN. Religion is only good if unites ALL Gods children. God unites us all BECAUSE WE ALL accept there is only one God, so it means we all love and worship the same God regardless of religion or lack of it. GOD UNITES. RELIGION DIVIDES. – CEO of Pidgin Music; Panji Anoff posted on his Facebook page

“Is been somedays now … and I still can’t get ma head straight on anything I do … aoh bro pls come back ! Things are not the same without you !! I noe you are out der somewhere .. and am still waiting for ur call … remember u promised to call … am still waiting for it !! Aooh .. FiiFi !! Hmmm” – Funny Face posted on his Instagram after news broke that Hiplife act Castro had gone missing

“The money they brought to me I don’t eat penny (sic). I used money to do their paperwork for them to get their visa to travel. If you are asking me where is their money, their money I used to pay for their visa fee, their license, their affidavit and the paperwork; I have to go and collect from the people.” Ayittey powers quizzed. I don’t know it’s legal or illegal. Me I’m doing my work to help people so if these people say I don’t do their work, I want you to ask them ‘am I a Counselor,’ – Ayitey Powers responding to a Visa deal that went bad.

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