It’s been 3 agonizing days since the reported drowning of musician Castro at Ada.

Despite the thorough search by rescuers and the Marine division of the Ghana Police, his body has still not been recovered.

Maxx Entertainment Crew of Takoradi-based Radio Maxx went to Castro father’s house in Takoradi to speak to his Step-mother and Sister.

Castro’s step-mother Mrs. Felicia Eshun, said the family is in a state of mourning, and it is her prayer that Castro’s body should be found whether dead or alive.

Castro’s sister, Patricia Obeng, also added she’s been finding it difficult to believe that her brother was no more.

Castro’s father, Mr. Eshun is currently in Ada, helping out with the search of his son.

By: Godfrey Ainoo/Takoradi

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