Ghanaian gospel singer Gifty Osei has shot down rumours she’s bleached.

In an interview on TV3’s New day programme, the singer said:

“I have not bleached my skin, I am not fake, I don’t pretend, I am just being myself.”

“My fans should accept me and those who say I am bleaching, that’s their opinion. I do what pleases me. And if you are really a fan, just love anything I bring out,”she told co-host Sandra Ankobiah.

Osei, who will be touring the US, and Canada in the coming weeks added:

“My style in music is a ministry and it’s a calling from God. I do what God asks me to do”.

When asked if music had open doors for her, she added;

“I met my husband through music and that is the best thing that has ever happened to me”.

“My children are my greatest inspiration. And about me being Africa’s Beyoncé, it was just a joke. Nothing serious”

By: Maame Yaa Tutu/

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