Further to the press release distributed yesterday by Suburban Records, the Management of Yaa Pono seeks to clarify the matter in relation to his position in order to avoid further confusion. Invited to appear on the BBC’s “Global Beats” program Pono performed “I Dey Feel You Die” as a personal request from BBC’s DJ Rita Ray, who loves the musicality, and sentiment of the song. At no point during his interview with Rita did Pono claim the song. He also discussed his fans’ reaction to his song “Moasem.”

Asked about his thoughts on “I Dey Feel You Die” – meaning, lyrics and energy – Pono simply answered from his perspective. His explanation of his part in the creation of the song is clear. Subjective listening can cause unnecessary sensation and caution should always be utilised when listening to edited interviews.

We are aware that the rock group Faint Medal have now unfortunately disbanded due to internal issues and that their former lead singer, Syn, is now a member of the rock group, Dark Suburb. Working in collaboration with Syn the former lead singer of Faint Medal to complete the original song, Yaa Pono recorded his lyrics and vocals at Wadada Promotions Studio in the presence of the song’s producer, Kilo Beats whilst former Faint Medal alumni, Kyekyeku provided guitar.

The potential re-release of the song is a welcome development as the sentiment, creativity, power of the song and the high standard of production from renowned Producer Kilo Beats deserve to be heard on a wider scale.
Yaa Pono, an artist who derives inspiration from his experiences and wide love of different genres of music has written a full and lengthy library of rock music and lyrics potentially for release in the future. However, his prime and only focus is on the imminent release of his upcoming album, “Sea Blue”.

On behalf of our Client, Yaa Pono, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who continue to support Pono’s career through positive acts and words. This has been especially helpful in our first year of management of this much respected multi-talented artist.

– Yava Global

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