Not all women have the heart to take back a cheating partner and half Ghanaian, half Nigerian actress, Christabel Ekeh, is no different. She says that  any day she would leave her partner if he cheats on her.

“If cheating should occur, or if you’re suspicious of being cheated on, it’s entirely up to you and how you wish to respond to it.

There’s no single right or wrong solution but as for me, I will not sit and watch my man cheat on me. If it gets to my knowledge that my partner is cheating, I will leave. I have been through it before and I walked my talk”, she said.

Speaking to Showbiz she said “cheating is a common problem in many relationships. When one partner discovers that the other is cheating, there are heart-wrenching emotional effects.

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“I will not cheat so I do not expect to be cheated on either. I mean I had a lot of guys come my way who were equally good suitors but I made a decision to be with you, so at least you should respect me and not cheat. It is either you break up with me and go ahead with your escapades or stay and be faithful. I will not trust you again if you should cheat once”, she said.

In an answer to if she thinks being faithful is a difficult act looking at all the temptations out there she said “being faithful should not be difficult at all. How would the world be if we all cheat and sleep around all in the name of temptations?

Remember, temptation does not go only one way. With my carreer, I may get tempted too but I make sure I do not fall prey. So if after all the temptations I go through, I stay true to you and you, must do same. That excuse is just a convenient one.

“That doesn’t mean I will not do my part to keep my man, I will also do everything by being there for him when he needs me like I did in my previous relationship I did my duties as his woman and made sure I gave him no reason to be lonely or doubt my love for him but after all these, he still cheated on me so I showed him the door”, she said.

According to the actress, she learnt from her experience that;  “There are many reasons for infidelity and among them are revenge, boredom, the thrill of sexual novelty. But in all, I believe there is a way out, if not why are you in the relationship in the first place?

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“You should be able to communicate and discuss issues with me, one should be able to talk about his or her weakness and if things start falling apart, the two should be willingly to trash issues. That is better than cheating on your partner. I do not want to apologise to my children for the kind of father I gave them” she added.

“If my partner had discussed issues with me, I’m sure we would be having a blissful relationship by now” she said.

Giving her opinion on how she suggests relationships should be treated in other to avoid such acts; she said “A problem that occurs often in relationships is that people don’t clearly define their boundaries. They just assume they know what their boundaries are and that their partner’s boundaries are similar. This makes it easy for either you or your partner to gradually slide across the border into the realm of “cheating” without really deciding to do so.

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“When you agree to certain boundaries and feel good about it, you have a good shot of avoiding cheating, regardless of where your boundaries actually are. If you don’t define your boundaries or if you and your partner only agree verbally but not in your hearts, then you’ve created the space to invite cheating into your relationship”, she said.

“Quite often, however, even when clear signs of cheating are present, people go into denial. They don’t want to believe it’s happening. So in order to preserve the illusion of their monogamous relationship, they pretend everything is okay and try to avoid confrontation and to me that it is not the best thing to do”, she said.

Christabel Ekeh has featured in a lot of movies and notable among them are College Girls, Deadly Passions, Wrong Target, Peep, Before Noon, Blood N Chocolate and Love or Something Like That.

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