Faith Senam Ocloo, CEO of E’April Public Relations, an Accra-based PR Agency that specializes in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and arts, talks to us about her career.

Why fashion PR?

I chose fashion PR because I noticed that businesses in this industry lack the exposure and advancement needed to gain the desired attention simply because there aren’t many PR firms specialized in this industry.

Fashion in sub-Saharan Africa is beginning to receive global attention hence my decision to focus on Fashion PR to support those doing great and exceptional works and offer them the kind of exposure that will live on forever. A kind of public relations specifically designed to offer opportunities to young businesses who crave for the resources to grow their fashion, beauty, lifestyle and artistic brand. Every business needs PR and the fashion industry is no exception.

What specifically do you do?

My firm handles Public Relations services such as press releases, product development, brand promotions and strategies, publicity and social media management. We have recently re-introduced customized product and personality branding into the Ghanaian market where we seek to give our clientele competitive advantage.

How many years have you been doing PR?

Public Relations have always been my passion. I have been practicing PR since having my National Service with the Ministry of Roads and Highways Public Relations Department. After my National Service, I freelanced for some few companies and it was there that the idea of starting my own PR firm was birthed. An Agency where I can add some professional touch to what I do and also expand to bigger territories. Now I make full-time career out of PR and I am confident that it is the future for fashion growth and advancement in Africa.

When did you start your company?

E’April PR was launched in April 2012. It was operating on a part-time basis until mid-last year when it was fully rolled out to serve as the foundation to promote and publicize businesses in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and arts industry in Ghana and beyond.

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 How many people do you work with?

E’ApriI PR has a total workforce of 4 who act in various capacities to meet client demands.

How easy or difficult is it doing fashion PR in Ghana?

I will say it hasn’t been easy starting a solely Fashion PR Agency here in Ghana. My foremost hurdle is having to sell the whole idea of Public Relations to potential clients especially in the fashion industry where many are perceived not to be making enough income to engage the services of a PR firm. Again, most of them are skeptical about the relevance of PR to their business and think its only the reserve for large corporations with huge budgets. Nonetheless, PR is essential to every business be it emerging or established.

What are the challenges you faced as a start up?

Like any new startup in our part of the world E’April PR was characterized with any challenge every startup will encounter but for me the best part is turning all the challenges into opportunities. I believe that when you love what you do and passionate about it, you will work hard to surmount every hurdle that comes along with it.

How relevant is social media to you as a pr person?

Social Media and publicity work hand in hand thus making social media very relevant to me as a PR specialist. I can’t live without a smartphone or internet because I believe a lot happens on the World Wide Web every second. Brands are reaching millions of their targets every now and then. Incorporating social media and traditional public relations tools maximizes brand visibility and growth and that is certainly the future trend for the fashion Industry.

What does the future look like for you and the company?

The future looks great for me, E’April PR and our clients. I believe that great works can’t go unnoticed hence the need for many business owners or entrepreneurs to understand that they should place value in their product or services and people will care to have them once they know they exist. E’April PR is here to bring that exposure to those businesses through publicity, promotions and development. We are ready to offer the most dynamic and result driven communication strategies for our fashion clients in Ghana, Africa and beyond.

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