The World Cup match up between the Boateng brothers on Saturday will be witnessed by their father Prince Boateng.

Brothers Kelvin and Jerome play for Ghana and Germany respectively and are poised for a second world cup meeting on Saturday June 21 in Fortaleza.

Jerome revealed in an interview that their father was coming and that he had not spoken to his big brother since the start of the tournament

“The last time I spoke to Kevin was before the World Cup. Everyone has to focus on his team right now”

“Our father will be in the stadium. He already was in the stadium during our game against Portugal.”

Further asked about his links to his Ghanaian heritage,the soft spoken defender revealed he was yet to visit.

“Unfortunately I have not been to Ghana yet. But I think its beautiful. I saw pictures and heard stories. My sister was there some years ago and she also showed me pictures of my grandmother.”

Credit: Allsports

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