As President, I encourage all Ghanaians to be even more supportive, and to be even more optimistic. Our Black Stars have already made history for our beloved nation and for our beloved continent. By the grace of God, we will continue to do so. Let us not be discouraged by this supposed defeat. Let us, rather, focus on the strength of the will and talent displayed during this game. Let us throw the full weight of our support behind our national team. Let us keep facing forward. – H.E. John Dramani Mahama

“It’s like in ancient Rome. There will be people around the pitch who want to see how two teams fight. The team who wants it more will win and we will fight to the death against Germany.” – Kevin Prince Boateng told German magazine Sport Bild.

‘I see greatness in Kwame Sakyiamah AKA lexis Bill, i know he can do it and that is what life is about.’, – Bola Ray talking

“I do not drink alcohol. And I do not smoke marijuana or cigarette as some people are spreading around. My talent and energy comes from the Almighty God. I spend a lot of time and resources working on myself and rehearsing so my acts on the stages are just a manifestation of what I trained myself for.” – Dancehall act Episode

“My offer is genuine and it is my way of telling the Stars to go for gold and nothing less. I know the Black Stars will beat the U.S and win their subsequent matches but as I have said, the Black Stars player to score first against the U.S today gets a romantic kiss from me at any place of his choice”, – Nikki Samonas

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