Paul Forjoe Jnr, known also as 100%, talks to us about life as a Spoken Word Artist.

Who is Paul Forjoe Jnr?

Paul is a student of creativity on a journey of mastering the art of performance, music and spoken word.

Who introduced you to spoken word/when did the passion for this begin?

I got introduced to spoken word in University in South Africa after I went for a poetry session.

Their poetry was so different that it caused me to change my style. I have been writing poetry since JSS3. In SSS, I write and let people rate my pieces out of 10. It was only in University that I started performing and loving stagecraft.

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How many years have you been at this professionally?

About four years

What are the issues/topics you address in your pieces?

Anything that tickles my mind. I deal with a number of issues such as abuse, societal problems, love, life , religion and sometimes I just want to rhyme , make people laugh and feel good.

Do you have any spoken word pieces out?

If you are referring to publishing an audio, I have not released officially. However, I do have a lot of pieces (20 and above) that many have seen me perform.

Which events have you performed at?

Ehalakasa, Ehalakasa Slam , Poetry Night with the Rainmakers , Alewa , Moonlight Café , Live at the Terrace etc . Aside that in 2012, I had an Unplugged Session hosted by 233Live. In 2013, I organized 4 solo shows and was hosted by Heel the World at Christmas at Marvels Mini Golf Dzorwulu for a show.

Do you think Spoken word has a following in Ghana?

It has, though not as strong as dancehall, hip life or gospel music.

Which Ghanaian or international spoken word artiste inspire you?

Tumi, it was after I heard Tumi’s (South African rapper and spoken word artiste) piece Yvonne that got me psyched on my mission to become a spoken word artist. That was my inspiration.

What do you do aside spoken word?

I love to DJ and rap. I also host a show on VOM107.5 FM called Brunch account which runs from Monday to Friday at 12-1pm.

Future plans?

Getting a band and some gadgets to make better performances, hopefully shoot a couple of videos before the year ends.

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