Barely two weeks after introducing Passion, Viasat1 has unveiled yet another captivating telenovela.

Por Siempre Mi Amor, which translates to ‘Forever Yours’, is a 2013 Mexican telenovela from Televisa and a remake of Mi Segunda Madre in 1989. It replaces Emerald Necklace which ended on Tuesday.

In the story, Arturo De La Riva has been happily married to Eugenia for 10 years, with whom he has a daughter, named Aranza. However, they have no idea that Eugenia´s cousin Sonia, is obsessively in love with Arthur in secret, leading her to cause a terrible tragedy.

Meanwhile, Isabel Lopez Cerdan spent two years believing she was married to Fernando Cordova, whom she loves above all everything. Eugenia dies unexpectedly at the same time that Isabel discovers that Fernando is a scammer.

After such hard blows, fate unites Isabel and Arturo on a heavenly beach, giving birth to a relationship that must defeat several hardships such as the manipulation Sonia puts on Aranza to make her reject Isabel, and Fernando´s hunger for revenge.

The casts of Forever Yours include famous stars like Guy Ecker and Susana González from Eva Luna and The One Who Couldn’t Love, respectively.

Being the pacesetter of telenovela broadcast in the evening belt, Viasat1 has become a force to reckon with as the channel continues to deliver back-to-back hit series. Over the years, fans have enjoyed fantastic telenovelas in the evening belt, including Eva Luna, Shelter For Love, Untamed Soul, among others.

Forever Yours airs at 7PM every weekday on Viasat1. Meanwhile, Viasat1 announces that from Monday 30th June 2014, the new time for the evening telenovela will move an hour earlier, from 7PM to 6PM.

This is to pave way for some changes in programming.

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