We have taken notice of recent media reports alleging that gospel musician Herty Borngreat has published on her Facebook page, a photograph that is insulting to the belief, faith and sentiments of the Muslim community and we wish to state categorically that the reports are false, malicious and mischievous.
Herty Borngreat has never published any such photograph either on her Facebook wall, website or any other place. We wish to put on record that we disassociate ourselves from the said photograph and call on the set of persons circulating it to stop attaching our name and brand to it.
We have also observed that the persons circulating the offensive photo have done some photoshop work on it to make it seem as though it was from Herty Borngreat’s Facebook page.
We condemn this mischief in very clear terms and we hope ongoing investigating into the matter would expose the persons behind it.
Herty Borngreat and her management team, Borngreat Record Label, are strong advocates of religious tolerance and a peaceful interfaith co-existence based on mutual respect.
We would never do anything insulting to persons of other faiths different from ours because we believe we all belong to one God.
Herty Borngreat has a high respect for Muslims and she is on an excellent cordial relationship with the Islamic Community. It is for this reason that she took part in, and performed at Salafest 2013, the music festival held last year to conclude the Sala festivities at Nima and she would be there this year as well.
We suspect malice in the reportage especially when none of the reporters contacted us before putting out such a negative report that can lead to a religious dispute and have very serious repercussions.
This attitude is wrong, unacceptable and must be condemned by all well meaning persons.
We hope all persons who have seen the report and taken offence by it would treat it as a wicked lie with the aim of causing disaffection for Herty Borngreat.
We thank all responsible media houses and journalists who are helping us clear the air and we hope people with information on which persons are behind this mischief would help us get to the bottom of it.
Borngreat Record Label
Monday June 16, 2014.

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