Representatives from the Ministry of Sports

President of MUSIGA and your executives

Musicians here present

Colleagues from the Media

Ladies and gentlemen

We welcome you once again to Stanbic Heights to witness the handing over of the Black Stars 2014 World Cup Theme Song to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

We believe that all Ghanaians have their eyes set on Brazil and we believe that one of the best ways to rally round the team is through a common song that seeks to unite us in our support.

As a Bank, we have made our intentions very clear on our support to see Ghana succeed at the World Cup. We have already contributed to the Government’s campaign to send supporters to Brazil.

And when the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) decided to prepare a theme song for the campaign, we saw it as another opportunity to bring happiness to supporters. We know Africans and for that matter Ghanaians love their football. If there is a common song to use as the rallying point to watch the matches all the better.

Apart from our support for sports development, we also have keen interest in the creative industry. We are a major partner in the development arts in this country. MUSIGA’s initiative is laudable and worth supporting. Supporting the production of the song is yet another testament of our interest in ensuring that quality creative work see fruition.

It is our hope that all Ghanaians will welcome and embrace this song titled ‘Shine-4-Africa’ as the one main theme song to support and cheer on the Black Stars in our homes, in Brazil and in our offices.

We congratulate MUSIGA for this initiative. We hope more of these initiatives will follow. We know launching it today is just the first step. With the assurance from MUSIGA that every Ghanaian will hear this song, we believe all Ghanaian would identify with it to spur on the Black Stars.

The Board, Management and Staff of Stanbic Bank Ghana take this opportunity to also wish the Black Stars all the best in the campaign to bring home the World Cup.

Thank you.

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