After the double release of his singles, ‘Piano’ and ‘King Kong’, rapper Kinkon has followed up with two hot music videos for both singles.

The colourful video for ‘Piano’ which has a fun dance theme was directed by Skinny MC while ‘King Kong’ which is more street and directed by Bigdee Beat.

According to the rapper, he will be releasing more creative videos for most singles off his yet to be released album.

Real name Emmanuel Kudjoe, Kinkon was born in Efiekuma in Takoradi to Mr and Mrs Kudjoe but originally from Agavenya (Somanya) in the Eastern part of Ghana.

Kinkon’s musical talent was realized at the age of nine when he started playing musical instrument at church.

Kinkon surfaced on the Ghanaian music scene professionally in the year 2009 when he released his first single ‘Would You Marry Me’ coupled with other singles which paved the way for him to perform alongside Akon on the 29th independence day of the republic of Sierra Leone in 2010.

He decided to stay oversees for a while until his recent recent to Ghana.


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