Noella Wiyaala is on cloud nine.

The tall, slim, tough-body singer from Tumu whose classmates used to taunt her with the nickname “Man-Woman”, keeps rising in her career and now she can look back to those days and tell her  mates in the face, “If you can see me now” .

It has not been long since she emerged on the Ghana showbiz scene but her name has remained on the lips of many who have had the opportunity to see her perform live on stage, captivating her audience with her strong voice and energetic dance moves. Currently, she is the brand ambassador for Pepsi and for her, this is just the beginning.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz last Monday, Noella Wiyaala said that whatever modest achievements she has had did not come on a silver platter as she has had her bad times during her school days where she had to go through the turmoil of being teased due to her tough physique.

Noella said that during those times, she was nicknamed ‘Man Woman’ due to her stature but now she has gained so much respect from those who used to call her names and some of her fans even love her for her physical appearance. Some real gentlemen, she revealed, have expressed how they have been attracted by her tough  looks and even some see her as sexy.

“During my school days, my physique always got me taunted by my mates and that landed me the name ‘Man Woman’ back then                     I didn’t like it but I didn’t succumb to that. I used that as a way to push for the best and I’m currently reaping from that. Due to my “hard” stature as I know some of my fans describe me, I have rather gained some respect from my male friends and some fans who tell me they like the way I rock it”, she said.

Noella, who was part of the music trio, Black N Peach which came first at the second edition of Vodafone Icons, and also a contestant in the music reality show, Stars of the Future, said she wasn’t bothered about keeping fit as that is how she has been since her childhood. To her that is a plus to her.

“I don’t necessarily have to go jogging or move to the gym. Sometimes, during my dance rehearsals I put in my all so I use that to keep fit. I dance to my songs during those times. Even when I’m on stage, I sing from deep down so it shows on my stomach due to the way I tuck my tummy in.

“I don’t really have a specific time for exercising. What I also do is to play football and it will surprise my fans to know that I am a great footballer. If I were not into music, I would have probably been a footballer. I really love to hit the fields and show off my skills as I used to play with the Ghana Telecom Girls team in Wa.

Asked about  the kind of man she is attracted to, Noella said that so far she has had men of all types trying to date her. Some of them, she described as very caring, understanding and down to earth. But she wouldn’t mind dating a man older than her but with whom she could relate to. It’s not that she is not interested in the  young men, she said. In fact she would not mind dating someone even her age because in some cases, she said, she has had to deal with really loud guys whom she  described  as “yoo yoo”.

“I prefer dating a mature man who would understand and accept me for who I am. I am a very serious minded person and it all comes down to love. If I love the person, whether older or of the same age, whether  white or black, so far as we love each other,  why not, I would move with that person” she said.

According to Noella who is known for songs like Rock My Body, Make Me Dance and You Got the Power, she is just being herself and working hard to achieve her goals. “I respect my fans a lot, I am not choosy and I create the perfect environment for them to come close to me and interact with me.

“ They have made me who I am today and without them I am nobody so I always want my fans to get close to me and interact with me.

To Noella,  in the next five years she would want to be counted among the big stars in Ghana, not just a star but someone who has had an impact on the society especially young ladies.

To the ladies, Noella said ”dare to dream like the Pepsi slogan says”.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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