We live in an age in which consumer satisfaction is of utter importance and understanding the consumer’s needs and the way they commune around technology is essential.

It is this paradigm shift that has many organizations revising their marketing strategies and communication platforms to identify and meet the needs of the local customer.

A one size fits all approach is doomed to fail. What drives consumers to adopt a concept, a service or a product is all about what’s in it for them – the more relevant to their lifestyle, the higher the value add, the better the deal.

This is according to Thabiet Allie, head of Content and Services at Samsung Electronics Africa, who explains that a value proposition is the sum total of the offerings and experiences delivered to customers during their interactions with a  brand.

“Samsung Electronics aims to develop ecosystems aligned with our consumers’ lifestyles and form the perfect partnerships with our devices”

Designed to fit into customers’ lifestyles, the electronics company developed the Samsung eco-system, which was introduced during the first half of 2013 and has subsequently grown in popularity across the African continent.

“The Samsung eco-system delivers locally relevant content and applications, as well as offering more choice to consumers, effectively adding true value to their Samsung purchases” says Allie. “The intention is to make the best of both international and local, easily accessible by our consumers”

There is a huge appetite for tailor-made benefits to accompany mobile devices, and the proof is in the 300% year on year increase in application downloads from the Samsung App store, year on year for the past 3 years.

This shows the strong drive and need for locally relevant applications and how consumers are integrating these services into the daily lives.

Contained within Samsung’s content and services offering is enhanced locally relevant experiences. For example, The Kleek, a mobile music streaming and download service which is exclusively available to Samsung Smartphone users, offers music lovers across the continent the chance to enjoy the latest local and international hits at their fingertips.

Taking the Kleek brand into exciting new territory, consumers have responded positively to this service with more than 2 million users, making this the largest music service in Africa!

It is all about the quality and variety of applications available from the app store. Through strategic alliances, Samsung is able to offer benefits to consumers that add real value and address current needs. These partnerships include local and international music labels, film producers and broadcasters and even health and education partners.

Allie says “Having worked with partners like The World Health Organization, DSTV and Universal Music, amongst many other large local and international leaders of industry, we have been able to offer Samsung customers the best from global stages while still maintaining local relevance.

Having teams across the continent with their ears firmly to the ground has helped us to deliver trends ahead of the curve. Today’s consumers are more in tune with what they want and our role as a manufacturer is to ensure we respond to and continually evolve with these needs, in a way that’ll enhance their lives.”


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