This week is all about “Multiple Award Winning” Artiste Samini as He gears up to Launch His solely owned “Plush Dancestardom Lounge and Restaurant in Sakaman” on the 13th and 14th of June 2014 which for an artiste is a huge investment as he looks to give back to society in many ways.

Samini was reported to have won the Best International Act at the Black Canadian Awards.

While we should have confirmed that He “indeed” won, we relied on the word of a representative in Canada who attended the event and was told Samini won the award as well as media reports just after the event, partly because the awardee was not announced at the ceremony. This information was relayed to other artistes by the representative.

This is the first of such a blunder, but we are fully aware that such mishaps happen.

In the representative’s words:

 “@GhanaMixTapes: apologies. i relayed the info to @ameyaw112 @sarkodie @samini_dagaati what i heard when i walkd in d venue at BCA was that, there was notime”

“@GhanaMixTapes: there was no time #BCA had to end the event. what i heard when i walked in after was best Int act @samini_dagaati. its allGood. StillWinners”

“@GhanaMixTapes: @princeawuley i give am wrong info.. leave the man alone”

We apologize to all and sundry for the Blunder and will like to state that Samini Music and HighGradeFamily is committed to integrity, fairness and truth; Our priority for now is “Dancestardom Lounge and Restaurant-Sakaman” where the real action is. “Akye a ma y3n”.

“The measure of a man is by how he upholds truth. Where we seek vengeance and retribution, Unity must lead”


Anthony Pun Daning
Samini Music-HighGradeFamily


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