“We believe that we can also lift the World Cup”. The Black Stars should stop doing the Ghanaian thing; we would try. If they put their minds to it, we can also lift the World Cup,” – Uncle Ebo Whyte

“I’m a strong believer of fate and even though I’m extremely disappointed to be missing the World Cup, I know my time will come. Above I believe God is in control. – Jerry Akaminko

“I don’t believe anyone had worked on him [by using black magic (juju)], my brother is highly fortified spiritually. He has been visiting the church constantly since his return from Turkey and before he joined the Black Stars camp. So I only believe he got injured and that was it. I don’t want to buy into suggestions that someone has worked against him in that regard.” – Fanny; Jerry Akaminko’s sister told Accra-based Asempa FM.

“I don’t care what people think about me because no one feeds me. I think about myself first before anyone other person and I believe this is what has brought me this far. If I had listened to criticisms, I don’t think I would be where I am now. “Somehow, I feel happy whenever people complain about what I wear because that is what brings me attention. I look different from my colleagues when I dress this way”. – Actress Ella Mensah told Showbiz

“You have to correct that, that’s a certain misconception because Live FM is a station that … our tagline is ‘your lifestyle radio ‘so we are appealing to the lifestyles of everyone in general which includes the young people and old so in our programming, we have something that appeals to everybody but the misconception is where you know you have people who are out there more such as me and Kwame. Faakye we appeal to young folks, so people think once Kwame and Antoine are there, then it’s more like we are targeting the youth but we are actually targeting everybody and we’ve been able to cut across with the events and stuff that we are doing”. – Antoine Mensah, host of ENTLive on Live FM, has told enewsgh.com that there is no competition between Y FM and Live FM as most people seem to think.

“In Mentor, there are invisible hands controlling every move you make and the choices you make, and from the success I chocked under that kind of setup I think I function better under Mentor kind of setup because after the show I haven’t really gotten that kind of attention and I haven’t been successful like people hope I will be.” – Ruth Williams of Mentor I fame

“With photography, the excitement varies, there are times you’re in full control of everything that is happening and there are times you have absolutely no control of what happens. When you have a model in a studio, you can control the lights, the poses, emotions and almost every detail, but when you are shooting an event like a wedding, someone out of nowhere can walk into a winning shot that had almost everything you wished for and spoils the shot and you might never get that shot again.” – Jacquelyn Adwoa Kessie is a professional photographer

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