Antoine Mensah, host of ENTLive on Live FM, has told that there is no competition between Y FM and Live FM as most people seem to think.

In a yet-to-be-published interview with Gameli Hamelo, he tells us:

“You have to correct that, that’s a certain misconception because Live FM is a station that … our tagline is ‘your lifestyle radio ‘so we are appealing to the lifestyles of everyone in general which includes the young people and old so in our programming, we have something that appeals to everybody but the misconception is where you know you have people who are out there more such as me and Kwame.

“Faakye we appeal to young folks, so people think once Kwame and Antoine are there, then it’s more like we are targeting the youth but we are actually targeting everybody and we’ve been able to cut across with the events and stuff that we are doing”.

Jeremie Van – Garshong who made a shocking exit from Y FM to Live FM has also in the past echoed Mensah’s sentiments.

When asked who is winning between the two rival stations, his response was “I wouldn’t say one station is winning but I would say we (Live FM) are gaining a lot of momentum.”

By: Maame Yaa Tutu/

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