Height: 5’8

Bust: 32”

Waist: 25”

Hips: 36”

Dress Size: 8

Shoe size: 6


Cherelle is a 1st class Accounting and Finance graduate. She models on part-time basis. She’s been at it for the past four years.

Her aim is to continue to meet and work with talented individuals within the industry such as models, designers, make-up artists, stylists, photographers and more.

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Cherelle is a devoted netball player and a contempory dancer. She has been dancing for nearly 10 years.

She says dancing has rewarded her with a great elegance in the way she presents herself.

These qualities has benefited her in modelling and has given me a love for the runway. With her eagerness to learn and drive to succeed I know greater things are in store.

10155164_10153911345460478_1621678401_n 10155699_10153923310290478_508780940_n 10295737_10154052469590478_5143296681758430314_n Cherelle 1 Cherelle 2 Cherelle 3 Cherelle 4 Full Length Kemi4 Red Sparkle Shoot2


Miss Ghana UK 2008 – 2nd Runner up and Miss Eloquence

London Fashion Week – L’Arte de la Mode – PK Del Mar clothing 2009

Fashion Enter Boutique Showcase 2009

Young Africa Fashion Weekend – Bunmi Koko 2009 Oh Yes! Magazine (June 2009)

Untold Fashion Show 2009

Alternative Fashion Week (LuaSarcy & I Feel Experience) 2010

Shu Uemura Make-Up Show 2010

Sleek Hair Shoot 2011

BlackHair Magazine 2012

Black Beauty and Hair Magazine 2012 (2 page spread)

…and much more


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