Gameli Hamelo talks to Spoken Word artiste, Ama Asantewa Diaka on early beginnings,  theme of presentations, and other interests.

Who is Ama Asantewa Diaka ( Poetra Asantewa) ?

Ama is someone who is inwardly dramatic when her surname is pronounced wrongly.She’s also an editor,writer,designer, comtemplating geek and a reader.

Why the name Poetra Asantewa?

Poetra is a name I randomly picked when I started performing on stage ,to simply symbolize a female poet.i combined that with my middle name – Asantewa as my stage name.

Who introduced you to spoken word/when did the passion for this begin?

ama 1 ama 2

Spoken word can be said to be a form of poetry , and poetry, a form of writing.Thus , the passion for writing started before I hit puberty. However, the passion for spoken word began 4 years ago when I discovered that spoken word allows an audience to witness poetry in the same way the writer did when he or she wrote it.

How many years have you been at this professionally?

If by professionally , you mean not panicking on stage and forgetting half of my lines , that will be 2 years but I’ve been performing for 4.

Do you have any spoken word piece out?

Nothing officially out yet , although I have a live recording and a couple of videos online.I’m working on working on something though.

Which events have you performed at?

IndieFuse, Vlisco’s Women’s Month, VGMA Launch 2014, KSM’s Secrets of GH girls, International Women’s Day ( AWDF), Made In MadaGhana, TGIF Show and several others.

What are the issues/topics you address in your pieces?

Politics, Feminity, Societal Issues, Relationships, Sensuality and the list goes on.

Aside spoken word, you own Alikoto Clothing, when did it officially start?

Alikoto Clothing officially started 3 years ago. What was/is the reason behind the name and its set up?

Alikoto is a game made out of pentops and batteries, we used to play as kids. We would spin the home made toys in turns; the one whou could spin longer won the game.The creativity of this game and its spinning nature , in correlation with the spinning of a sewing machine’s handle , is the inspiration for the name of the this fashion brand.


You head an NGO/Foundation Love Rocks, what is the its mission statement?

Love Rock’s vision is to aid the youth to become active members of their communities.We believe spirited young individuals are capable of of setting their ideas in motion.Love Rocks encourages the youth to be the ones to incite change and to make a difference. Our vision is for young individuals to create communities in which they are capable of doing and being anything they wish.

What has the foundation achieved so far?

The foundation has been actively mentoring/tutoring junior high students in 3 schools for a little over a year now.We’ve also donated 300 literature books to 3 schools.

Future plans?

To take over the world, one word at a go , one design at a time , and one seemingly right deed at a time.














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