M.anifest was in Johannesburg, South Africa recently to shoot the music video for his single ‘Jigah’ (http://bit.ly/1nI56j7).

The song which features South African Hip Hop artist, Hip Hop Pantsula represents M.anifest’s latest foray onto the African continent.

He hit the streets of Nairobi last year for his hit single, “All In”,  (http://bit.ly/1kiM7sY) with Kenyan group, Camp Mulla and featured in Proverb’s music video “Proverbs Manifest” (http://bit.ly/1nI4VUN) earlier this year.

South African-based production house Call Back Dreams shot this latest M.anifest offering. If you have listened to the song, then one can only expect the video to be full of action packed scenes with the two protagonists going at it like pugilists in the ring.

Some photos from the Behind the Scenes action.

photo (2)

IMG_20140525_105121 IMG_20140525_111929 IMG_20140528_130034 IMG_20140528_130142



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