All over the world, renowned performers are sometimes confronted by zealous and admiring fans who weep, break down and even faint on seeing their idols perform.

Last Saturday, Sarkodie, the “Obidiponbede”, unable to contain one such emotional demonstration ended up weeping himself right in front of the large audience at the Ghana Meets Naija concert held at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The show had travelled over halfway into its run and  Ghana’s reigning Best Rapper was in full flight delivering  his share of goodies to patrons. Sporting an all black costume and black shades to complement his dapper appearance, the “Rapperholic” was killing it.

Then out of the blue, a female fan obviously overwhelmed to see her “idol” in real person could not just stand the excitement of seeing Sarkodie on stage. She jumped onto the stage and flung herself at his feet.

Not even the security guards on duty could get the lady who was holding the feet of Sarkodie off the stage.

When Sarkodie acknowledged her presence and gave her a hug, the “number one” fan appeared to have fallen into a trance, an incident that drew a lot of cheers from the crowd.

In a reaction to the incident, Sarkodie confirmed to Showbiz last Tuesday that indeed, he was emotionaly overcome by the lady’s gesture,

“It was a very emotional and touching moment for me. For a moment,  I reflected on the great influence my brand was having on people and I was amazed to see how God can use ordinary people like me to impact the lives of others through my music. It was a very humbling experience for me”, he said.

He said that even though a similar incident happened during his Rapperholic tour last year, he was particularly touched by this incident because he never expected it at a concert like Ghana Meets Naija.

“ I was lost for words when I saw somebody touch my feet. I just couldn’t believe it and didn’t know what to do at the time but to hug her.

Speaking on the feat as the only Ghanaian artiste to have earned BET nominations this year, the Illuminati singer said that it was an amazing feeling to know that what you do back home is being appreciated worldwide.

“ I don’t see it as Sarkodie’s victory but every hardworking Ghanaian artiste. It has always been my dream that Ghanaian music will be accepted in an international arena” he stated.

Competing against the likes of Nigeria’s Davido, Sarkodie said that everyone in his category has worked hard to merit a nomination but if would be awesome if he emerges the winner when the event comes off next month.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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