Sandra Ankobiah is living large. Quiet. She’s chosen to celebrate her recent birthday in the most fun way possible.

A long celebrations it has been, it started off in the United Kingdom, which is becoming more of her second home, and has ended in the United States.

She’s having fun – a lot – lounging in luxurious hotels, the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas included.

A standard room at the Oriental cost from some 225 dollars to 2850, all year round, and based on availability. She surely went for something within that range.

A standard room at the Oriental
A standard room at the Oriental

Plus, she’s been flying some helicopters, too, all part of an extensive birthday treat. She must be either 30 or 30-something, we think.

And oh, the other day, she won 350 dollars at a Casino, by playing roulette.

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