Comedian Lil Win, has always been well received anytime he mounted the stage to perform and loud applause ushers him off stage when he is done with his act.

But last Saturday maybe one of his most embarrassing moments when he was forced to leave the stage before he was through with what he had planned to do at the fourth Ghana eets Naija concert hosted at the Accra International Conference Centre.

During Lil Win’s comedy act at the event, he announced that he was in possession of marijuana which he said was the best medicine to cure headache and other ailments.

But before he could explain further, Lil Win was interrupted by DJ Black who was obviously not too happy.

Lil Win who has received a lot of bashing for putting up such an act has explained to Graphic Showbiz that his act was about the disastrous effects of substance abuse arid not to glory drugs.

“What I had in the plastic bag was not wee but rather talcum powder, pepper and leaves. I mentioned “wee” because I wanted to explain to the audience the dangers of using drugs. There is no way I would stand on such a big platform to promote “wee”.

“For Christ sake, I am a MTN Ambassador who has a lot of followers and that alone should tell anyone I wasn’t there to promote “wee”. It is unfortunate but maybe, I didn’t get the introduction to the subject right. I will never promote substance use.

“I don’t use drugs but I worry about the young folks who do so and I thought as a role model, it was my duty to educate them on such issues when I get the opportunity. And the Ghana Meets Naija was a good platform to do just ‘ that. It is unfortunate the organisers thought I was promoting ‘wee'”, Lil Win explained.

According to the actor, never has he promoted the use of “wee” in his movies not to talk about promoting it on such a huge platform.

He said had the organisers been a little patient with him, everyone would have known the good message he was trying to drive home.

Asked why he did not communicate to the organisers before coming on stage, Lil Win explained the act was arranged between him and musician, Guru.

Lil Win says he is sorry for the mishap and that he had no intention to promote drug use many are speculating.

Text: Graphic Showbiz

Video: Youtube

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