“In the particular circumstances, could it be that the police thought recourse to person of interest would have meant an option for voluntary submission rather than recourse to suspect which leaves the guy without choice to submit to their investigations?

“Dilemma or not, we ought to respect our Constitution when it says a suspect is innocent until he pleads or is proven guilty. The police also know too well that the standard to meet is proof beyond reasonable doubt and the courts like Blackstone when he reminds us that: ‘it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer’,” – Legal practitioner, Samson Lardy Ayenini has cautioned the general public to desist from pronouncing judgment on Nana Asiama Hanson (Bulldog).

“I’m very paranoid. I don’t believe in what any man says. I’m no longer dating but I still believe in love. I wasn’t at the VGMAs because I was involved in an accident on my way there. I was to present an award,” – Yvonne Nelson in an interview with Jessica Opare Saforo on the Traffic Avenue

“They should resign from that position or else we would beat them but of course they need to account for every pesewa before they resign. You can’t sit in the offices and allocate any amount of money for yourselves as allowances. When was the last time Carlos Sekyi and his people released musical materials? You sit there and eat from our sweat,” Kofi B talking on Neat FM

“When our brother left, we had recorded our last album, New Genesis. It wasn’t something that we expected so both Praye Tietia and I agreed to hold up the banner of the group for three years after which we could go our separate ways.

“During that period, our aim of being together as a group was just to maintain the Praye brand and promote the New Genesis project and album. It was something we had worked on for several years so it wouldn’t have been right to abandon it after Praye Tenten left. That was the more reason why we stayed together till now.

“I don’t have any issue with Praye Tietia, he can confirm what I am saying to you. Besides, he is also in the studio working on his songs” Praye Honoho noe Choirmaster after announcing his decision to go solo

“I don’t like being called Butterflae, I cringe every time and I know for sure I don’t want to be 35 years and called as such. I choose Dzyadzorm for sentimental reasons. I never had a local name growing up other than my day name (Akua). Dzyadzorm was later on given to me by my father after I shared this concern with him. – Poet Dzyadzorm in an interview with enewsgh.com

“I cannot fake my accent, this is how I have been speaking when I was young and anyone who knows me can tell you. God has blessed me with this accent and I am happy to say my accent has taken me to a lot of places”, the 29 year-old radio presenter Jeremie of Live FM told Showbiz.

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