Alliance Francaise Accra, in partnership with the Colombian Embassy will host on June 7th, one of the most influential Colombian salsa orchestras on the international scene.

The concert will take place in The Round Pavilion at the International Trade Fair Centre, where salsa lovers will be able to listen to the music and practice their dance skills.

La-33 is a hard-swinging salsa & Latin Jazz from Bogota. With 60 thousand albums sold and nearly 2000 presentations in 5 continents over a decade, La-33 has made Colombian salsa a reference and a new experience.

Their music combines both new and old school – classic New York City salsa sound of the 60’s and early 70’s, as well as Caribbean and urban rhythms. The diverse musical background of La-33 musicians, (rock, funk, ska, folk, classical music, fusion and jazz), is surely one of the secrets of the ensemble’s success.

They’re known as the rockers of salsa because they combine the true swing and sabor of the classic salsa orchestra with true rock’n’roll attitude. 

Another great attraction of La-33 is the balance between lyrics, arrangements and live show. This is a band that generates excitement with a sense of humor.

Submitted by: Alliance Francaise, Accra

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